Hi, I'm Johnson. Hsiang-Sheng Liang.

I am a web frontend / backend developer at VUSE Inc..
I build websites in AngularJS, ReactJS, Node.JS and Ruby on Rails.
I've also had a some teaching experience on frontend web development.



M.S., Computer Science, National Taiwan University Oct 2014

Department of Computer Science and Information Engineering

B.S., Electrical Engineering, National Taiwan University June 2012

Department of Electrical Engineering
  • Director of Information at Student Association of EE Department.
  • GPA 4.0 (out of a 4.3 scale)
  • Presidential Award of EE department for autumn semester 2009
  • TA of the course "Network and Platform Serverice Programming"

School Projects


SeeSS: Seeing What I Broke - Visualizing Change Impact of Cascading Style Sheets (CSS)
Hsiang-Sheng Liang, Kuan-Hung Kuo, Po-Wei Lee, Yu-Chien Chan, Yu-Chin Lin, Mike Y. Chen ACM UIST 2013, St.Andrews, UK, Oct 2013

iGrasp: Grasp-based Adaptive Keyboard for Mobile Devices
Lung-Pan Cheng, Hsiang-Sheng Liang, Che-Yang Wu, Mike Y. Chen ACM SIGCHI 2013, Paris, France, May 2013

iRotate Grasp: Automatic Screen Rotation based on Grasp of Mobile Devices
Lung-Pan Cheng, Meng Han Lee, Che-Yang Wu, Fang-I Hsiao, Yen-Ting Liu, Hsiang-Sheng Liang, Yi-Ching Chiu, Ming-Sui Lee, Mike Y. Chen ACM SIGCHI 2013, Paris, France, May 2013


  • AngularJS (Javascript)
  • React & Flux (Javascript)
  • Ruby on Rails (Ruby)
  • Express.js (Javascript)
  • CherryPy (Python)
  • Flask (Python)
  • PHP
  • C/C++
  • Photoshop
  • Sketch 3
  • Premiere & AfterEffects
  • Conducting usability testing